Thinking of Homeschooling Series: Talk About Your Fears and Concerns

This Fall I am heading into my 6th year as a homeschooler. We pulled our oldest out of public school after he completed 2nd grade and began that Fall. But, it had taken almost 2 years to get me to that point.

I had been thinking about homeschooling since he was little (maybe 2?).  He was always super-inquisitive and I dreamed of having the kind of lifestyle where I could build my boys’ lives from around the home and not from around their school schedule.

I wanted to do it…really bad.

But I was afraid.


For one thing, my husband was tentatively supportive, but had his own concerns about socialization and their future.  Would they be weird?  Loners?  Would they be “behind” their peers in public school? I really didn’t know what to tell him.  I had those fears (a little less so) too!

Another one of my fears was the I have had a problem with anxiety and depression during my parenting years…well, before that really.  But it’s a lot harder when you’re a mom. I wondered if one day I would wake up down in the dumps and it would stretch into weeks of being down in the dumps?  How might something like that effect their education?

I wondered if I would be able to be with them all the time . Would I go crazy? Would I begin to resent them? Would just the sound of their voices drive me K-a-razee?



I am an extrovert.  So I don’t mind being around people a lot of the time, but there comes a point when I need quiet, thinking space.  I know I am not the only one.

So, yes I had my fears.

What are some of your fears?

-financially struggles
-chronic disease
-unsupportive family members
– that you might be isolated from others
-feeling unqualified to teach your kids


It is important to identify your fears in advance. Not for the purpose of overwhelming you, but to give yourself a plan to deal with these issues if they do arise. And much of the time..guess what? They don’t even come to fruition!

In the next few posts, I will be going through homeschooling concerns and we will try to come up with new ways to think about them and have a plan to address them if they happen!

What are some of your fears as you begin this school year?




4 thoughts on “Thinking of Homeschooling Series: Talk About Your Fears and Concerns

    1. Did you mean “juggle”? It’s true, it is a juggle. But it has also helped us decide which things are really important to do and which things aren’t so important. ❤


  1. My oldest is almost 4 and I also have a 9 month old son. I would like to homeschool them however I share the fear of burning out by being with them
    All the time. I’m with them all the time now-we have no family nearby to help and I’m worn out. So I can’t help but wonder if I can do homeschooling successfully if I’m barely making it in the early years.

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    1. It’s true. I had that fear too before I started. I had to pray for like 2 years. I do take days off. And I communicate my needs to my husband who is very supportive. It also helps to gather those around who can support and help you – like other HS moms or even co-op programs.


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