Road Trip to Gardeners Supply in VT

Oh gardeners!

While vacationing up in Vermont, I went to one of my favorite places: Gardener’s Supply in Burlington, Vermont. This place is such an inspiration to visit and I took lots of pictures to share it with you!

Gardener’s Supply started in 1983 and doesn’t just sell gardening products. They have a mission to change their local world by bringing organic food and farming to Vermont. They are located in the Intervale, a 700 acre floodplain, which until the 1980’s had become a neglected, un-managed mess which, sadly many people had begun to dump unused cars and other junk onto.

Almost 1,000 tires were removed when the cleanup process began!

But today, with much effort, it has rebounded with farmland, a community garden, several Intervale friendly businesses and homes.

Welcome to Gardener’s Supply!


The first thing you see is all the plants they have outdoors.  Unlike a big box company, the people who work here own the company, so, they love plants and treat all these babies like their own until they go home to your house.  They were extremely well taken care of.


They sell a variety of flowering plants and shrubs, vegetables and fruit plants and trees. Also unlike big box stores, GS plants are still blooming and happy vs. being shoved onto a clearance rack where they wilt and turn yellow.

Even this one, which I almost brought home –

Gooseberry bush…kind of a cross between a blueberry and a grape.  I tried one!

This is the entrance to their “test garden” – these hangers are being tested and should go on sale in a year.

I want these wall hanging planters as soon as they goon sale. I would say they are a success!

These kitties caught my eye.

Totally cute rock kitties.

Let’s walk inside…

They have an amazing assortment of gardening tools and helps. This is the place to go when you really have a problem or need a solution for something going on in your garden. For example, I have a fungus attacking my plum tree.  I went to the counter and talked to a knowledgable employee about it and she told me just what to buy.

It’s like shopping from their catalog, but in person.

They have hummingbird feeders, plant stakes (of all kinds), organic fertilizers and treatments for your garden problems, seeds (lots of seeds) and planters.  They also have things that are hard to find like Winter Rye and Wheat (not available online), and cloches. Check out these unique gardening tools:

The Dirty Little Digger


Raised Bed Cultivator


Strawberry Supports

strawberry support

Do you love succulents and cacti? Gardener’s Supply has a stunning greenroom piled high with all kinds of tropicals.

There’s so much more to see, it’s hard to do it justice.

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.  Happy gardening!


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