Goal Setting for the New School Year with free download

I like to keep my options open.  I hate to pin myself down to a certain plan, only to disappoint myself by not being able to maintain it or achieve it. I would rather have no plan, so I can’t disappoint myself! I know. It’s silly.

But, this year, with a 7th grader, I feel the need to plan ahead a little bit more and decide some areas academically, spiritually and personally I hope to see him grow in. These will be areas I pray about, and, as I am making scheduling decisions, I will use them to weed out potential distractions.

For example, my middle son will be focusing this year on composition writing and reading comprehension. I have written that under the “academic” heading.  For my other son, I would like to see him begin to read the Bible and pray on his own.  This I wrote under the “spiritual” category.

I have also included a “physical exercise” category as this is something, as a family, we are trying to do more. For us, it’s a matter of opting to go outside, rather than sit in the house.

If you feel this planning would help you in your school year, feel free to grab the Goals for 2016 template and personalize it for your own family’s needs!





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