How Many Clothes Do You Really Need?

Friends of mine were laughing at this post put up by Muddled Up Mommy.

Some reactions were astonishment, others were totally in agreement.  What do you think?


In our house, laundry is on-going.  There is always a basket going into the washer and a basket that needs to be put away.  And we still end up with no clean pajamas in the evening!

I am beginning to think we have too many clothes actually.  Just TOO MANY OPTIONS.


So what’s a mom to do? Research of course!

How much laundry do we really need?

Living on a Dime has taken the time to figure it all out: How Many Clothes Do I Need?

If you’re a stay at home mom, Laura at This Felicitous Life has come up with a list of her own.

Let’s talk about kids.  They grow so fast that it seems like you always have to have clothes in reserve just in case!

Keeper of the Home lays out (pardon the pun) her kids clothes and describes what they have and what they don’t really need: How Many Clothes Do Kids Really Need?

Actual Mom describes her large family’s wardrobe need in her piece: How Many Clothes Do my Kids Really Need?

The Purposeful Mom conducted a laundry experiment.  You will want to read all about it here.


Let’s face it, in America, we have so much stuff, in general. Clothes are cheap and made cheaply and it’s therefore no surprise we are drowning in laundry which costs us money in water, soap and WASTED TIME (the most important thing!)

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Moving along…

Happy New Year! The big blizzard came through a few days ago…Brrrr.
Well first of all I want to say thank you to those of you who are following this blog and for the encouraging comments. It is very helpful and appreciated!
In recent weeks, I have been discussing the issue of staying home with a few friends and my family, and I am pleased to say, just talking about it has been of great help. A talk especially with my parents put me on the right path and provided me with the hope of staying home that had been eluding me for months. Being a spiritual person, I feel God has a plan for my life and that every decision I make (especially big ones) I want to seek much advice and counsel.
No, I have not won the lottery, but due to some budgeting and cash flow changes, the chances are better than they even were a few weeks ago that at some point in the near future, I can choose to stay home.
Other than that, I have been organizing! Cleaing out closets, labeling, organizing my pantry, looking at recipes, etc. Laying the foundation you might say…
Moms…tell me about your household budgets! I would love to know how you keep track of your expenses. We have a budget we printed out after taking the Dave Ramsey course which we really thought was useful. Do you use envelopes? Do you find there is a temptation to spend more money when you are home with the kids? If so, why?
May the first week of January be filled with promise for you all!