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The Bible Journaling Break Down

Do any of you Bible journal?  Or have you created a “war binder” (as in the movie “War Room”)?

Well, I must be behind the times, because I JUST discovered these topics in the last two weeks.  I knew people were coloring in their Bibles, but I didn’t know if was a THING.

Most likely I didn’t know about it because, well, I have three kids, I homeschool and work from home…etc. etc. etc. Hobbies? Who has time for hobbies?!

Anyway, I came across it because I have been watching a ton of my new favorite Youtube-r The Homespun Wife.  She is so enjoyable to watch and listen to and she is very established in both scripture and wisdom. I usually listen to her as I am prepping my kids lessons for the week or responding to emails. I think I enjoy her so much because of her southern accent.

So, what is Bible journaling?

From what I can gather, it comes in a few different forms.


Coloring your Bible

First of all, and this one is very popular, you can purchase Bibles with pre-printed pictures that you are able to decorate and color.  The Inspire Bible is one of these.  I bought it last year, and proceeded to leave it out in the rain: ruined.  😦

That is what I would call “level one” Bible journaling.

REALLY, REALLY Coloring your Bible

Level two is illustration.  Some of these amazing women take these Bibles and turn them into works of ART.  My mouth dropped open as I watched video after video of this young woman turning a page of scripture into something I would hang on my wall.

Scripture Writing

Level three is what I will call scripture writing.  In scripture writing, you are spending time on just one scripture, meditating on it, praying over it, as you write it out.  And of course, decorating and illustrating the page too.

War Binders

Now, let’s talk about War Binders.  I remember the movie War Room (never saw it, I KNOW!) and the woman’s “war closet.’  While I love that idea, we don’t all have an entire closet to turn into a prayer room…so along came “war binders.”

War binders are basically a way to organize your faith and prayer life. This is based heavily on the book Fervent by the actress who starred in the film.  She says we need to have an “attack plan” because certainly Satan has an attack plan on us!

Women are making these things like ka-razy!  Some of them are plain, some of them are amazingly complicated.

They divide them into sections and many women have chosen to write out their prayers in sections (like: prayer requests, prayers for self, things you are grateful for, etc).  In addition they (of course!) decorate them.

These concepts inspire me.

First of all it’s wonderful to see so many women in the Word of God (especially young women). But, also, it makes your time with God important, personal and you take ownership for what you are reading.  It makes you SLOW-DOWN and be with God…something that I think, as women, is really hard to do.

So…are you game?  Do you already do this? Tell me about your binders or your bible journaling below!

I will be doing a post to share my Faith Binder with you soon!

If you would like to learn about Bible journaling, click here.

If you would like a list of free printables for your Bible journaling, click here.



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