What Homemaking means to me


I recently participated in a fabulous week-long homemaking conference. The conference was organized by Young Wife’s Guide creator, Jami Balmet and her husband, Jason. It’s an annual online event that they run.

I was dubious at first. I have my own definition of what the term “homemaking” means to me and I wasn’t sure it would be helpful for me to listen to 25 messages about what homemaking meant to other women. I was so wrong!

First of all, many of those women shared common beliefs with me. That I am called by God to be a homemaker.

Let me explain.

I was still pregnant with my 13 yr old when I decided I didn’t want to go back to work. I was an inner-city guidance counselor (which I LOVED), but, with my pregnancy, I realized that I could not juggle the work like and the home life well.

Being the type of person I am , I decided I needed to do one, and (hopefully?) do it well.

Well, like I said that was 13 years ago and all the time I considered myself a work at home/stay at home mom. It really wasn’t until this year I adopted the term, “homemaker.”

The conference covered topics both practical and spiritual. For example there were messages about de-cluttering and organizing, but also messages about our spiritual motivation to do do.

One of my favorite speakers, Katie Bennett, reminded us to:
“Do everything in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:4

That rung so true with me. After 13 years, I wasn’t doing things so much in love anymore, but, rather for pure survival!

What a perspective change.

Do the dishes…in love.
Wipe the counters…in love.
Change that diaper…in love.

Yes! It really lifted to my spirit to realize that since I am home, and God doesn’t seem to be changing that anytime soon, I need to be motivated by the scripture and by God’s perspective in the job I am currently doing…being at home.

For more information on this annual conference, go to: Young Wife’s Guide.

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