Our Family’s ‘Use What You Have’ Month


For one month we are trying not to buy anything. We are attempting to “Use What We Have.”

This was my husband’s idea….but I am totally for it! He wants us to do a better job as a family in making use of all the blessings we already have, instead of constantly buying more things to make us content.

I totally get this.  Although I am FAR from a Minimalist, I have been de-cluttering for years…getting rid of things I will never use and peeling back the layers of stuff I have been gifted, inherited or given for both the children (and the grownups).

So what is our plan?  First of all the main tenet is that we are trying to use the things we already have in our home. So for example, instead of running out to the craft store to buy fresh paints and paintbrushes, we will dig ours out and breathe new life into them.

Let’s get more specific…

Kids Stuff: with three children, I am often OVERWHELMED by the amount of stuff they have.  Little things. LOTS and LOTS of little things…nevermind the LEGOS!  (And if you have Lego lovers then you know what I mean). So we are not buy any new toys or ‘doo dads’ this month.

House Improvements: My husband and I discussed this concept in regards to house projects. Of course, we want to paint walls, redecorate, change out rugs…the list goes on.  But we also are tight on money. Yes, we are tempted to jump in the car and ride on down to Home Depot.  But, we have quickly forgotten the 1/2 a can of paint which could be used and the pile of spare lumber we could employ.  I have an unused rug in the attic and I probably have some random piece of furniture I could repaint. You probably do too!

Pantry: I have cans and boxes of things in my pantry that are not, let’s say, the “go-to” items in my weekly cooking. But, they are perfectly good.  Oats, raisins, pumpkin, canned pears…Sounds like a good recipe to me!

Temptation and UNtraining
Ok so let’s be honest here…I have been tempted….AND I have also made mistakes already this month.  I purchased a package of Valentines doilies.  I saw them and thought: “We don’t have enough Valentines decorations” and brought it home and them it struck me, WOOPS!

I have had to start to un-train my mind from buying things.  Yes, it’s a THING!  You probably would too. But one mistake doesn’t ruin the whole month, so we will persevere.

If you’re interested in further reading on this topic check out these awesome websites:


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