You Don’t Stink at Being a Housewife


The above photo came up on my Facebook newsfeed this week.

Two of my friends laughed at it and said “That’s me!”

But to be honest, the sign made me feel a little angry.

The original statement, which is crossed out, has been around for some time.  Basically it’s a joke and is supposed to make moms laugh because they feel like their houses are always a mess…but it’s okay because their children are “making memories.” It’s right up there with the other meme you may have seen that says, “Cleaning with kids in the house is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos.” I get that!

These memes are supposed to lighten our load as moms.  And make us think: “Ah, I am not alone.” And for the most part, they work!

But my reaction to the above picture was not one of laughter – it was one of annoyance.


Moms roles are endless.

They are counselors, nutrition consultants, nurses and doctors, relationship coaches, teachers, chefs, chauffeurs, sports coaches, volunteers…the list goes on.

Long gone are the days when mom stayed home, kids went off to school mom ran to the butcher and cleaned house until the kids came home when she presented them with a glass of milk and a plate of cookies.

Most moms are working full, part time or from home while still managing all of this.

Guess what comes last?

The house.

Now don’t get me wrong. I clean every day. And I am not complaining, per say, but do we really “s*ck at being a housewife”?  I mean is that the message we really need to send to other moms?

Do you really want to put up a sign in your house that says you s*ck at doing anything?

Not really!

How about a sign that says: “Mom we know you’re busy and we thank you for all you do!”


“Moms are worth their weight in gold!”

I would MUCH prefer those signs! How about you?




5 thoughts on “You Don’t Stink at Being a Housewife

  1. I agree with your opinion on the sign. My daughter is 15 now, but I still
    remember the decision that I needed to make.To have a really clean house or spend quality time with my daughter or teaching her cleaning was my top priority.
    I have also been a preschool teacher and loved doing activities with my daughter. I often followed the seasons .It provided concrete connections to her environment. We traced leaves to match, sort, and count them…Leaves are wonderful! .


  2. Jen,
    Love your blog even though I am an older mom. My sign says “I can’t clean the house and save the world too”! And although I do clean when I have a choice to clean or spend time with one of my kids the kids win. I always think of what my head stone would say. Do I want one that says “She kept her house super clean”? There are many things I would rather be remembered for.

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