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Cooking with Cast Iron: Part 2

Now that your cast iron pans are seasoned, it’s time to cook!

Although this is considered an “old-fashioned” was of cooking, I have to say, it is MUCH easier than I expected!

My first foray into cast iron cooking was on an open fire when we went camping as a family.

We built a healthy fire under a cooking grate. When cooking with cast iron outside it is very useful to have a grate or a trip-pod to cook with. Then I oiled the pan with olive oil.

Cast iron oiled with olive oil

Allowing the pan to heat up for about 15 minutes, I then placed the dough balls in it.  I was making biscuits.

Not too pretty, but we were camping right?

At this point, with this type of cast iron which is called a dutch oven, I placed the lid on and piled hot coals on top.  This creates an actual oven-type environment for the biscuits to cook.

Don’t be too impatient and keep looking like I did.  It’s a low and slow type cooking style.

Dutch oven with top on
Dutch oven covered with coals on top.  This really makes ALL the difference.

After about 35 minutes, the biscuits were done.  They didn’t burn, they didn’t stick to the oven – it was amazing!  And with just water and a little elbow grease (no soap), the pot was clean!

Here is my son enjoying a biscuit with cheese!




2 thoughts on “Cooking with Cast Iron: Part 2

  1. All of my cast iron skillets are used. May favorites still have blackened pine tar on the outsides of the skillets. I always clean without soap (usually Kosher salt and a dish rag, and rinsing with water). Then I dry over a burner on the stove for 2 or more minutes before spraying with olive oil spray..


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