Outdoor Challenges to get the Kids OUT!

Some of you remember that I posted about how hard it is for me to get the boys outside.   It is still hard.  Just to be clear!  But I haven’t given up!

I promised you a list of fun outdoor challenges, so, I am here to deliver!  Below you will find some fun outdoor things to do for all different kinds of kids WITH LINKS – because I need pictures sometimes.

Let me know if you do any of them and how they went!

Credit to all the great assemblers of terrific outside information!

Build an outdoor tent.  There are SO MANY different types.  I like this one. EASY!

Plant a children’s garden. For lots of reasons this is a great experience for both them and you.  Start with plants that will be super successful like sugar snap peas, beans, sunflowers, radish and beets.
Here’s ours! 

 Soda bottle Sprinkler!  Take your last empty bottle of soda or seltzer and attach it to your hose for some fun!

Outdoor tic-tac-toe! There are a lot of these on Pinterest, but I really liked this one for it’s simplicity.

Set up a backyard pulley system.  Here’s an interesting one.  I know some kids would absolutely love moving stuff back and forth with this

And if you really, really want to get in on the fun, run a MESSTIVAL in your backyard! I dare ya!!!

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