100 Days of Real Food Dinners

For the next few weeks I am going to be cooking dinners from this blog post from Humorous Homemaking. I would love it if we could forgo ALL processed foods, but we are not ready for that, so we are starting with REAL FOOD dinners.

I was feeling PRETTY BORED with my own cooking and we were straying away from the dinner table and starting to eat in front of the tv, because, well, dinner was boring.

Anyway – we started last night with the Chicken Italiano and even my sour cream hating husband loved it!  Even my picky eater child number 2 was pleasantly warm to it!

I forgot to take a picture.  I am new at this. I will have a picture for the next meal.

Why am I interested in real food?

Well, to be honest I feel our family was slipping dangerously into a pit of convenience and snack foods. I have noticed that the boys are filling up on psuedo-junk food often.  I say “pseudo” because I don’t even buy the worst stuff, but even the ‘healthy’ chips are processed etc.  And it’s no surprise that snack foods are THE MOST EXPENSIVE…even with coupons and sales…and what’s the point?  Like I say to the boys, “they’re not gonna help you grow.  You can’t grow on chips!”

Tonight’s meal is Cheeseburger Soup.

– Jenny

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