Sunshine is Finally Here!

So, I thought Spring was here in March. We had about two weeks of warm and sunny weather.  It was amazing.  My husband and I got outside and started clearing beds and raking. The kids were outside – even the baby (now 15 months). And then God reminded me that he was indeed still in control and it got colder and … SNOWED.  My crocus were up already! 

During that period of about two days when that “white stuff” was on the ground, I tried not to look outside.  ha, ha.  I was pretending Spring was still here.

But, now, hallelujah!  The sun is back and the grass is turning green!  What a joy!

There is something about Spring arriving that always lifts my spirits, even if I don’t realize they have been down.

We have done a lot to the garden already – widening it, removing an old sandbox and re-fencing it.  Our fence was about 10 years old and had seen better days. We hired some local people to come and pull out some of the really stubborn weeds which had taken root in the last three years – I think it was wormwood. The roots are long and the longer it sits there in the ground the deeper they dive and the thicker they get. 

So, that felt really good!

Seedlings have been started and the garden is cleared and ready for some healthy, mineral rich soil to be added.

We will be planting tomatoes, potatoes, kale, lettuce, carrots, peppers, spinach, cucumbers, and various squashes this year. How about you?

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