Taking a month off, planning for the future

Happy times!

We are pregnant and expecting a baby in December! 

March, April and May were tough months for me though, as I had a lot of fatigue and morning sickness.  These are things I really never experienced with my other two pregnancies.  So, they came as a bit of a surprise. I am not sure if it is because I am so much older now (41) or if it’s just this baby’s way. With my husband’s hard work and support, I made it through and the beginning of the second trimester has been a lot better.

The boys, therefore, got a lot of free time during those two months.  We were unable to have very much school (although I insisted on math and reading).  They, of course, watched a lot of tv and sort of lost some of their better habits….LOL…so, in late May, when I began feeling better, we came back to school.  It was a little tough, but we ended in late May with the promise to do school “lite” in July.

So, we are in our June break and it has been great for everyone.  We went mining, camping, and had lots of family time.

It is also giving me time to plan for the Fall school year and start to think about the coming baby. 

Funny thing is, I have nothing!  I gave away my crib, bassinet, bouncy seat, changing table and most of my clothes….!!

A generous friend has given me all her maternity clothes (thank goodness) and I am sure we will make out just fine on all the other stuff.  Especially if it’s a girl. 

Wouldn’t that be fun, if it’s a girl? 

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