Looking Back On Our First Year Homeschooling

I am very honest with anyone who asks me how homeschooling has been for us.  I say “It has it’s ups and downs.”  I say: “It can be emotionally draining.”  I say: “We have learned a lot.”

When I say we have learned a lot, I am not always referred to educationally based materials either. Personally, this year I have learned so much more about both of my son’s characters, their likes and dislikes, their strengths and, yes, their weaknesses.  As a mom, I have been challenged to be more patient, to apologize when I blow it, to keep and open mind and practice flexibility and to put their needs above my own. 

It has been a daily positive challenge to make education interesting and exciting, but to also get the information out and absorbed into their little heads.

I am proud of Jeffrey!  He is reading, writing and doing addition and subtraction!  This was ALL I cared about this year and I am so happy he has made so much progress.

Andrew, like me, likes a ton of variety.  He enjoys science, math and writes endlessly.  He also adores drawing and feeling a sense of accomplishment at the end of the session.

Here are some photos of this year’s adventures!

New England Air Museum

Stamping out sight words

Andrew’s trophy for his Cub Scout Pine Car Race

Science…with a microscope

Arts n Crafts

Andrew’s Lego Case

Playing in the dirt….a lot

Higgins Armory Museum

On our way to the Symphony

More sigh word fun

Marshmallows with friends…

Forest Park Zoo wind tunnel!

God bless!  – Jenny

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