Fine Art for our Kids!

This past week I was sick.  Mommy never plans on being sick, but there I was.  Yuck. I spent an entire day in bed.  I had to call my husband at work and ask him to come home – which I hate to do.  What do you do when you are sick?  I mean really sick. 

The next day I felt a little better, and was having homeschooling mom guilt. I should do something with them today.  

So I got them in the car and we motored up to Springfield, Mass. to visit the quadrangle of museums they have.  I provide the link below.

First we stopped at the Science Museum.  It was so fun.  We walked from floor to floor and saw everything from Native Americans, to the solar system, to how the earth’s plates move (which we happen to have been studying) and then….

….the HUGE gingerbread house display.  It was so amazing.  We got to vote for our favorites (Hogwarts).


Then we had lunch in the gift shop.  It was really special.

In the garden right outside is a major display of brass Dr. Suess figures from all his best works.

… Even Dr. Suess himself.  

Blowing off some energy…

“You’re a mean one….Mr. Grinch….”

Then I quickly rushed the kids into one of the fine art museums, thinking this was going to be exceedingly boring for them, but something mommy had been looking forward to.  Amazingly, they LOVED IT.  My older son became silent as he looked at the work of Monet, Renoir and other  great artists.

 There was a wall of pop-art too and each of my sons saw something different in it; a hotwheels race track and a city.

It turned out to be a highly educational day.  When I came home and collapsed on the couch, I felt like we had really accomplished something despite the fact that I needed a nap. 

Here is the link!  You and your kids should really go!

Here is a link with fine art coloring pages….

– Jenny

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