Here we go…planning for homeschooling

I can’t believe it’s August already and whether or not you are sending your kids back to school or keeping them home, you know what August means….school shopping!  In our case this year, things are a little different.  I don’t ‘need to’ go out and get my two boys new backpacks and lunchboxes like I do every year.  Because we are beginning to homeschool, I feel perfectly fine recycling last year’s supplies.  I will however be stocking on on other needed school supplies like paper, pencils and big pink erasers.  
No doubt every family’s approach to going back to school is different.  Similar to every family’s homeschooling approach being unique and special, I have been learning that as much research as I do (online, in books, talking to others) I will ultimately have to come up with a schedule and plan that works best for me and my boys, and, as my homeschooling friend Juliana says, “And is fun for you too!”

 As many of you know, as I homeschool, I will continue to work as a freelance writer.  I had an article the other day and I had to take the boys with me.  It was at a one room school house in South Windsor CT called the Pleasant Valley Schoolhouse and Museum.  I thought for sure they would be bored out of their minds, but it turns out they were totally into it.  And I have to tell you, it’s times like those that I say: “We going to be able to do this!  We’re going to be able to homeschool!”  Not only were my fears allayed that sometimes I can drag them along to stories with me, but they surprised me with their curiosity.  

Andrew says he was “acting like a statue.”

This month I will be attempting to accomplish the following:
– organize the homeschool area
– de-clutter
– make a tentative weekly homeschooling schedule
– make a schedule of what topics we will be covering over the first three months so I can be on the lookout for enrichment opportunities.

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Here we go…planning for homeschooling

  1. Look forward to hearing how it goes. While I don't envision myself homeschooling, I like to keep options open just in case, and see how other people do it! 🙂


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