Protect Baby Plants From The Cold: Homemade Floating Row Covers

It’s late April and I have gotten a lot done in the garden, but with a few decently cold nights coming up, I am getting a little nervous about the baby plants making it through the Brrrr! 

Floating row covers are designed to protect plants from the cold.  They also act as little incubators – they trap the heat and sunshine and make a little hothouse for the plants.  You may not know, but you can grow food all winter long, if you have the right circumstances.  Another goal for the future…

But, floating row covers can be expensive AND I need them ASAP, so….of course I made them myself!

They’re so easy!

First of all I went out and purchased my supplies.  For a little over twenty dollars I got the following.

If you order a row cover online or go to your local store, you may pay upwards of $60.

After I disassembled the wire fence, I cut the painters’ drop cloth so that it reached down to the floor on both sides and had extra cloth on each end.

Then I used clear tape to tape the cloth on to the wire.

Keep taping till it’s secure.

I walked the cover outside and stuck it in the ground, being careful to tuck in the extra cloth so that cold air didn’t get in.

Here it is from the side.  

Voila!  Easy peasy!  Let me know in the comments if you try it!

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