Beginnings- Five Pieces of Advice For New Gardeners

I love beginnings.  Starting afresh. There is something very spiritual and exciting about spring.

I went out to my garden today and I wondered how many of us are starting to plan for the growing season now?  How many for the first time?

Some advice is always prudent, and despite the fact that you didn’t ask, I wanted to offer some! ;0  I offer this advice as someone who has gardened in many different locations, with different challenges and who has made different mistakes a long the way.  So, believe me, I’ve been there!  Here are some bits I have picked up along the way, I hope they help!

 1. Start small.  Only choose a handful of items to start with.  Even consider container gardening.  Don’t go into this thinking you aren’t going to have to buy any vegetables this summer.  Aim for a few key veggies.  Good ones to start with are peas, beans, potatoes and sunflowers.
2. If you want the purest form of veggie, buy heirloom or organic.  Most common seed packets are hybridized, non organic and possible even already have pesticides on them.
3. Test your soil.  Give it nutrients before you plant.  Compost, manure, peat moss and fertilizer are all good ideas.
4. Make sure you are putting your garden in a well drained area.  Sopping wet seeds don’t grow.
5. Keep the garden site away from the edge of a tree line.  Being near to woods attracts little friends that will eat up your hard work.

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