The storm of ’11

I promise to get back to writing about food, but I wanted to take a moment while I have POWER and blog about he freak storm of 2011! I could subtitle this: “Help!  I have kids and there’s no power!” But I reserved that title for my weekly column in www.windsor.patch.com.

Here are some shots from the crazy storm.  We are STILL without power (day number 5).

It snowed for a total of 20 hours or so, and in the end about 18″ was left along with MAJOR tree collateral…all over our property. This one was left in the road.

My husband started collecting downed branches the day after the storm. There was a lot to collect as well as our loss of electricity.

Of course, kids have a different approach to storms like this!

Our propane grill became our lifesaver. We cooked everything on it, even bacon and coffee on morning number one. By this point, it was actually colder IN the house than OUT of the house.

One of our older trees SPLIT down the middle.

All over Windsor, power was out and trees are down on every property. Power lines down.

We began to discover the extent of the damage on day number 4 and 5. Huge tree limb taken down.

You have to get creative. Day 4 without clean laundry, I had to wash the kids’ unders by hand and “find” a way to dry them. I opted for grilled undies!

We’re still out of power…staying at friends’ houses…pray for everyone in Conn.!

– Jenny

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