The changing of seasons

Our beautiful prize pumpkin!

My little pumpkin playing in the pumpkins!

Sweet potatoes

Garden is getting ready for a long winter’s nap.

Artsy shot: My neighbors’ windmill in the fog.

It has been such a long time since I posted. Life has been busy.
We are starting a new church up here in the Windsor area. 90 members already and we are meeting in Bloomfield, which is the next town over. Practical bible, real people and real lives. Structure, but not religiosity. Relationships that further your walks with God and hopefully draw you deeper into the Word.

Also, I am avidly researching and praying about homeschooling next year. I am trying to evaluate the support I could find in this area as well as the effort I am making to personally evaluate MYSELF and decide if I can handle it! Will I get lonely? Depressed? Isolated? Those are big concerns for me, and yet, I am driven to do this! It’s such a paradox really.

People are asking my why I want to homeschool. For me, it is not a hatred of public schools like some have, it’s just that I want to control the curriculum my children learn (yes I said control, haha). When they ask me what a geode is, or what a geodesic dome is (all true questions)….I want to be able to spend some time on it, teach them..now, not when they are in 7th grade. I want to bring the focus back in on FAMILY. With the homeschooling model, you can make education just a part of the family life…they don’t have to go away for it, cleaning the house, playing, learning about God, going places, sports and education….all as a family.

My garden is not done yet, amazingly. I wouldn’t say I had a really fruitful year. Not sure why. I just went out and hand germinated a bunch of pumkpin flowers. I am going to harvest my sweet potatoes soon and other things. I am drying mint and basil.

God bless! Jenny

2 thoughts on “The changing of seasons

  1. How did you hand germinate the pumpkins? What does that mean? heh

    Between the hurricane, and the tropical storm with a week worth of rain; my garden is completely dead 😦 We planted a late harvest but only had luck with the flowers, oh and 2 little gourds. Hopefully next year will be better!


  2. Your garden inspires me… to start mine 🙂 Any advice about how to get started? We have a lot of plans for the backyard and I've had the mindset of waiting until everything is “just so” to establish the garden but I'm seeing how unrealistic that is!
    What an interesting question about homeschooling. Several of my friends are considering/starting homeschooling and it really is so thought-provoking- Why is our education system the way it is? Does it really meet kids'/families' needs? And it's so true that it's important to consider how homeschooling might affect you. I don't know about you, but sometimes it feels like one big balancing act to me 🙂


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