School’s a starting….what does that mean?

It means that it’s mid-August and we finally made our first trip up to the camp in Vermont. After 2 months of flooding in the Spring and serious reconstruction all throughout Burlington, the place was habitable for the first time. Usually, we spend much of the summer there. So glad we were able to get up there and spend time!

Andrew tries tubing!

Sunset on Lake Champlain

Jeffrey and Daddy made some serious sand castles

It also means that the garden is in need of weeding and maintaining.  I have planted radish, beet and arugula.  I have begun harvesting potatoes, carrots and tomatoes.  Basil is amazing this year!  The corn is coming along although it was blown over by a recent storm.  I had to tie it up.  I don’t expect anything from the pumpkin plants…they seem to not want to keep their blooms on at all.  I have also begun to pick plums, yum!

It means that we are still in the process of painting the house.  My husband is staying home from work tomorrow to make some progress on it.  It’s a long process but every sweep of the brush makes an awesome difference.

It means that we are finally breaking down to call a exterminator to get rid of the horrible hornet problem we have in our basement entrance.  My husband has been stung 7 times and I have been stung once.  We don’t want the boys to get stung.

It means I am thinking about Fall.  How to keep the homestead moving forward even when the cold months come.  I am wondering if we will have as snowy a winter as we did last year and praying we do not!  We have already been given a roof rake for this year, but I hope we do not have a need for it!

It means the kids go back to school in a week and I am a little conflicted.  As many of you know I am researching homeschooling.  Sending them back this year is a much bigger deal than last year. I pray it will be a great year for both of them, but I will also be in prayer that God makes it clear what will happen in the 2012 school year.

And lastly, it means that there is another God given opportunity coming around the corner to get close to Him.  To practice self discipline in more areas of m life, draw closer to the cross and live a life that give glory to Him in new ways.  To meet new people, talk to new people about Jesus, be a friend to those who need them and love and serve others. God providing.


2 thoughts on “School’s a starting….what does that mean?

  1. So many changes, this time of year. I am in the same kind of “mode.” I hope and pray you receive guidance on big decisions down the road. Glad to hear your garden is doing well! We threw ours together at the last minute but we're getting a lot – the watermelons are getting ripe!


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