Garden crisis!! Your help needed!

I really don’t like to post depressing news, but I am feeling so discouraged about my garden! Let’s just get it out of the way…

The tomatoes are still green, I have only gotten one cucumber, the blooms are just falling off the zucchini plant and I don’t see one pumpkin growing yet. I had to move the peppers because they weren’t doing well, and well, they aren’t doing ANY better. The leeks are still tiny, the celery is also skinny and I had to pull up the cauliflower because it turned black!!


OK, there is a little good news. The corn finally headed, so I am hoping for corn, the carrots are doing really nicely, I had a great lettuce harvest, and the sunflowers are coming along nicely. I also have a beautiful basil harvest too.

But, what about the other things?

Does anyone have any ideas? Why are the blooms falling off my zucchini’s? Why did the cauliflower turn back?

Here are a couple of photos of good things, but I have to tell you I was hoping to put away/preserve a WHOLE LOT MORE…

I need advice…encouragement… help me out, ya’ll!

Can’t wait to eat you!!

It’s a white carrot!

5 thoughts on “Garden crisis!! Your help needed!

  1. We have had more flying things in our yard than ever before…but they are not bees…they are wasps and hornets! 😦 Yes I need to get a soaker or at least a gentle sprinkler. I purchased a fertilizer but still not sure about using it since it is made up of chicken litter and feathers…I just don't know if that is alright for Jeffy. !?!?!? Thanks for responding…I would LOVE to have a beehive.


  2. Maybe you need a beehive, girl! There's definitely a bee crisis going on. You may want to try a soaker hose so that the water is going right to the source. That way you don't blast the blooms or water the paths! Did you ever find a fertilizer? And I agree about the hot days for your tomatoes. Mine are still green too. Not surprising since it's been really hot for only about a week up here, then back to 70s and 80s! I'll let you know if I have any other ideas!!!


  3. Yeah – man, what's the dealio with non pollination this summer? Am I water them to hard? Maybe I am blowing them to smithereens by accident. I hand polinated the corn like you said Beth..I am trying to do the same with everything else as I see it. Thanks for the advice gals!


  4. Cucumbers need lots of water, my DH has been watering every day. He also sprays miracle gro once a week. You've had flowers on the cucumbers? Maybe they're not been pollinated, too?


  5. There was some discussion on my wall about zucchini blossoms falling off if they are not getting pollinated. Are you seeing bees around? If not, you could try pollinating them by hand with a q-tip. The tomatoes should ripen, they just need a few hot days. I don't know much about cauliflower.


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