Dairy update…organization upate and then??

Hello everyone…
First I wanted to start off with a photo of our corn! I seriously thought it would never head! I am so glad it has…now let’s pray for germination!

Secondly, wow. Posting about my dairy trial got a lot of comments and my hearts go out to everyone who has been dealing with troublesome dairy issues way before me.

An update. I have avoiding cheese, yogurt, kefir and milk for week. I have only had one moment of temptation (during which I caved to some cheese), other than that I have been alright. I do miss my kefir and yogurt big time though.

So how is my health? I have been loosely following my diet with a diary. I am noticing a few foods I eat that cause me to have headaches afterward. Anything heavy, big meals, etc. I am also noticing how little water I drink…which is a big no-no.

Has anything happened not eating dairy? Nothing huge. But, here are a couple of notations I have made: I have not felt sick to my stomach one time. Not once.
I do feel like the mucous that had built up in my system has been decreasing (I will spare you the ‘nose blowing’ details…) But, I am not sure if dropping dairy will have a huge impact on me. I expected more, ya know? But, I will not quit, I will persevere and do the whole 2 week trial and discuss it with my health coach.

In the meantime I am much more aware of what I am eating and how it makes me feel. I am becoming a real believer in food = medicine.

Organization Update – 2 weeks later
I’ll be honest with you. It doesn’t stay clean by itself.
It felt great to have an awesome springboard, but I still have to keep swimming, you know?
I still need to organize parts of the house in-total, including the pantry (the pantry has been haunting me for 6 months!) and the upstairs. So, I want you to know it’s a daily battle. I need to be honest with you,  this is no magazine house!
But, I am still extremely happy with what was accomplished that week AND how it inspired many of my readers here and on Facebook to attack the problem areas in their own homes.

On a personal note, I have been coordinating a Vacation Bible School at our church for the last 3 days and I am whooped! What an incredible team of volunteers we had to teach the 50 plus kids! Thank you God for blessing it!

– See you soon, Jenny

4 thoughts on “Dairy update…organization upate and then??

  1. I would highly recommend raw milk and raw cheese if you want to start on dairy again. Also, I make my own raw kefir so I get the benefits of that. By the way…does cream in your coffee not count? 😉


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