Goin’ Dairy Free

I have had some real difficult health challenges in 2011. Despite the fact that I am epileptic, I am a generally healthy person. But, in 2011, I guess my age is starting to catch up with me. I have been fatigued (from like 2-7 every day) and sick to my stomach alot…the list goes on.

Well instead of popping a pill, I decided to really start looking at my diet. As you know probably, I firmly believe in food and the fact that food really matters. What we eat can truly affect how we feel on a daily basis. Alot of us need to learn more about food and come to a conviction that everything…EVERYTHING…we put into our body matters. Drinks, snacks, meats, even vegetables and fruit.

I made two major steps. I had all my paperwork transfered from the doc’s office I signed up with in 1995 to a local MD who also works with patient’s in a holistic manner. She is open to alternative methods of medicine. Also, I started working with a great, and I mean GREAT health coach. She has asked me to remove dairy from my diet for 2 weeks and keep a food journal, which I am doing.

Going without Kefir, yogurt and cheese…well, I hate it. I love those babies. Esp. my yogurt. I know you can buy alternatives, but I am not that thrilled with soy yogurt and really shouldn’t have it in the house because of my son’s (both of them, now!) soy allergies. So….

Anyway, I am waiting to see what happens. Mainly I am looking for clarity of mind, less stomach sickness, and to improve the stasis (can I use that word?) of my “operating system” (ya know what I mean?)

So, I am beginning to research milk online.
Here is a website I came across and I wanted to share it with you.

Also, check out my health coach’s website! She is really great!

That’s it for today! More organizing posts will be coming soon. We start Vacation Bible School today!


5 thoughts on “Goin’ Dairy Free

  1. Do you think your health coach would be willing to work with someone in DC? heh. I've been battling crohns for the last few years and have luckily found a medication that seems to help more often than not, but I've recently been thinking about trying other approaches. I prefer working or talking with specialists that others recommend, and I'd really like to stop taking meds (so expensive) and find other methods. I just don't know where to start looking! Curious as to what you might think or recommend 🙂 I'm really impressed at your ability, willingness, and positive attitude despite the challenges. You're very encouraging 🙂


  2. Good luck Jenny. I hope it helps you feel better. I went totally dairy free for a year while nursing my last child. Happy to share recipes & dairy free foods I enjoyed if you'd like. I made coconut milk yogurt in the crockpot & I still make coconut milk ice cream all the time.


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