Organizing Bootcamp Day Five

I can’t believe how quickly this week has gone. I feel like I got so much accomplished, it’s hard to believe the office was only this past Monday.
I wanted to take a moment and show you the dining room.

It went from this…

To this!

I decided to take away my much loved miniatures…I do love them, but they were serious dust collectors and looked messy.

Here’s the rest of the room (before)…

And after…

I removed 2 big pieces of furniture from the room, and decluttered big time.

One more shot…

We brought that hope chest in from the living room. It was my grandmother’s when she got married in 1930.

The boys had their last day of camp today. It was 90 plus degrees for the last 3 days, but I got a lot done. I have some things still to do that I haven’t gotten to. They include the pantry, kitchen and the upstairs. But, I was extremely pleased with how much I got done this week. I hope it was fun for you too! I will continue to post as I get other projects completed.

Have a great day! Jenny

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