Organization Bootcamp Day Two

Well, I am pooped again. Even more pooped. This takes a lot of energy! It’s no wonder we don’t do this more. There are alot of decisions to make, and sometimes, at the end of the day, you just want to skip over them. But, you have to persevere because you don’t have the time to commit to it any other day.

But! Major changes today!

The living room saw the game table area go from this…

To this!

I brought the black table which was in the kitchen at the craft center and put it here instead. The old game table has been completely removed. But, wait, there’s more! I took ALL my workbooks for the kids, coloring books and games and puzzles and fit them neatly into this area.

Do you remember my craft corner?

Awful right?

Well now it’s in the living room and it looks like this!

There are a couple of more photos I wanted to share with you of the living room. We cleaned out clutter, moved the couches and re arranged stuff.

From this…

To This!

And this…

Still working on the playroom, dining room, kitchen and pantry. Then it’s on to the second floor!

I had a partner in crime today! Thanks hubby!

See you tomorrow! Jenny

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