Peach Pickin’

We are on a mission this summer! I am going to expose my children to every ‘pickable’ form of vegetation out there if I can. Beside my garden, we have gone blueberry picking, strawberry picking and now….peaches!

The boys we into it just like they have always been. This definitely makes my heart very proud. Mommy even learned something.

The peaches we picked were at one of the most beautiful places ever, the incredibly long running, family farm at Lyman Orchards. This place has it all, not organic in my understanding, but certainly local. They also do pick your own raspberries, apples, jostaberries (what are these??) and blueberries.

He’s not as sad as this photo makes him look…

So, before we left, I asked the boys to name three things we would be making with the peaches. We decided on peach jam, peach pie and peach cobbler. Now, needless to say, they know what jam is but they have no idea what cobbler is. Additionally, the thought of making a peach pie is really intimidating!! I hope that works out! (gulp) Does anyone have any good peach pie recipes out there? Send them on over!

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