Get the most out of gardening in JULY!

I know you are thinking the same thing. July already? I can’t believe it. If you live in a colder climate like I do, you need to pay close attention to your gardening opportunities. I said to my husband the other day, “I don’t know WHAT I am going to do in the Winter.” He said, “CAN stuff?” I had to explain to him that I do most of my canning in the Summer/Fall too.

But, here we are half way through the growing season, are you making the most of it?

Strawberry season is winding down (you still have time), blueberry season is in full swing and raspberries are coming soon. Our gardens will begin to offer us meal options pretty soon, in the form of summer squash and broccoli…but what else do we need to pursue?

Here are some ideas:

Go to your local farmer’s market. I went to the Windsor Farmer’s Market this past Thursday and was so pleasantly surprised with the variety they were offering. Here is a picture of the jams being offered by one of the vendors. You may be able to find veggies that you aren’t growing or items that are just shy of being ready in your own garden.

Check out these strawberries!

Another thing you can do this time of the year to enjoy local gardens is to participate in a local “Garden Tour.” Windsor Historical Society is hosting one this month and I will be there!

Another thing you should be doing now is taking some notes on your garden this year. Come next January, you will not remember which week you harvested your peas or which week the brussel sprouts began to peek out. Do it now so that you have an accurate accounting of your growing season. Not only will it help you make decisions on what to plant next year, it will assist you choosing varieties and growing styles.

Here is a link to a site that can offer you a gardening journal layout.

Lastly, make sure you are actually enjoying your garden space. When you take a walk in your yard, try not to see all the things that need doing, rather enjoy the beauty that God has placed in every pepper plant, green bean and lettuce leaf.

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