Delicate pepper surgery

My little pepper plants are not happy. They have been in the ground just as long as everything else, and yet they are yellowish, short and weak looking.

I think it’s a companion issue. The buddies closest to them are cauliflower. Although there doesn’t seem to be any antagonistic literature on the charts I refer to between them, the proof is in the paltry growth. Keeping in mind of course that the cauliflower is doing amazingly well.

On a side note, as I wrote that paragraph, I felt a real-life comparison. Doesn’t that describe some of our friendships and relationships? Do you have a friend where you are the giver and they are the takers? I think we all do. I think we play both roles along the way too. Just make sure you are ‘getting’ all you can from God himself. When you are not connected to God and not getting refreshed from his word or time talking to him, you will have less to give. Less to give your needier friends, friends in general and family. Just a sidebar there. 🙂


I moved the little guys to the home of my now bolted, bitter lettuce. 😦

Gently…as transplating anything during the middle of the growing season is risky, I took as much of their home dirt with me to the new space.

Then I packed them in snugly and gave them a BIG DRINK. Hopefully this will help the considerably and I will still get some bell peppers before the season is out.

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