Harvesting Mint, keeping the bugs off my kids

One thing I have PLENTY of in my garden is mint. The bad part of it’s personality is that it is fast spreading and invasive, the good part of mint’s personality is that it is reliable, aromatic and can be consumed! In addition, I found a ‘recipe’ for a natural, homemade bugspray which uses mint and I am eager to try making it to see if it works!

As most websites will tell you, harvest your mint in early morning or late afternoon. This is the time when it will retail most of it’s oil and scent.

I did this, cutting about a 2 foot section out of the bush in my garden.

I then innocently lay it on the sandbox top and forgot about it, only to see it 2 days later in a downpour. Oh well. Never say mistakes don’t happen on the homestead.

I had the boys bring it in tonight and I gathered it together with rubber bands. I made four bunches. I hung it in my slider window. It has a lot of light, the door is often open and gets plenty of ventilation.

When it is dry I plan to put it in jars and use it to make tea and the all natural BUG SPRAY.

Here is a recipe for mint tea: www.your-cup-of-tea.com/mint-tea-recipe.html

Make your own mint based bug spray: http://www.greenyour.com/body/personal-care/insect-repellent/tips/make-homemade-bug-spray

More general information about mint: http://www.greenyour.com/body/personal-care/insect-repellent/tips/make-homemade-bug-spray

4 thoughts on “Harvesting Mint, keeping the bugs off my kids

  1. I'm trying to grow mint, but they didn't grow. So I planted more seeds, and I have a few sprouts! I think I started too late in the season, it's going to be interesting to try to keep them indoors if they grow so ridiculously (I didn't know they got so big and out of control!) I'm still learning how to be a farmer 😛


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