New(s) to me: Sweet Potatoes/Mandarin oranges…and?

I am always looking for new things to grow. These may not be exotic or alternative fruits and veggies, but rather, items I tend to overlook as homegrown options. We walk through the produce aisle with such abandon, picking up things as we go, and I began to ask myself the question: Could I grow this?

It all started with some coffee beans.

I like drinking coffee. And I thought- is it possible? Well, I did find some beans online and ordered 2 packs. Believe it or not, it takes 2.5 months to germinate, so what you’re looking at doesn’t look like much, but I will post as they grow. No. I don’t expect to be able to supplement ALL of my coffee drinking habit, but maybe a cup or two of Jenny’s Homegrown Arabica would be nice.

Then came the olive pits.
I don’t have a shot of that handy. But, I planted 6 olive to see if I couldn’t have a olive tree. We use a lot of olive oil. There will be several more steps to getting it to useful olive oil of course, but a great learning experience for me and the kiddos.

Then the Mandarin Orange tree.

I know, I don’t live anywhere tropical. But, they were selling them locally. I will have to bring it inside in the Winter of course, but maybe we will get a couple of oranges next year after it’s springtime bloom?

Then the sweet potatoes.

Presently, they also do not look like much, but from what I hear if you cure them correctly, they can last a looooong time. I would love to try home made mashed sweet potatoes, or fries or sweet potatoe pie! Sweet potatoes have been in the news a lot. Many gardeners are saying that although our growing season is shorter, they can be grown up here in New England and that the heat seems to be the most important for the curing process which can be contrived in New England by using a solar box. Try them!

And then, I just wanted to share a couple of more traditional things growing as well.

Purple and white potatoes


And lavender!

Have happy (rainy here) day!

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