Self sufficiency…

Well, friends, I have actually been really sick. I have basically been on the couch for over a week and, of course, it has been absolutely beautiful outside too. The whole time I am thinking about all the things I could be doing outside! I am so glad I planted the garden early, if I hadn’t gotten it going the way I did, I would be going crazy right now.

A couple of new challenges I have taken on in my effort to be self sufficient! I bought, via the internet, olive and coffee beans. I am germinating them right now. Wouldn’t it be awesome to grow and harvest your own coffee or olive oil when the prices continue to climb? Hopefully, it will work out. The coffee beans take 2.5 months to germinate. Yes, you read that correctly. 🙂 That along with the little mandarin orange tree (pictured) and the 3 apple trees we planted a month ago have really made me feel like I am moving forward.

I am posting shots of the grape arbor (teeny grapes, betcha never saw that before), the plum tree (1-2 inch green plums growing along nicely), the flowers in our yard, the birdfeeder, the coffee beans, and a few other things. Enjoy!

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