Changing pace

I have been wanting to write this post for about a month now, and I have been thinking about it quite a bit! My grand announcement is that I am officially changing the name of the blog to The Spirit of Home.

There’s a pretty tangible reason for that. After spending a few months at home, not working, I have accepted a freelance position at Patch.com, an online news group affiliated with AOL and The Huffington Post.

Now, here is what is not changing…my aim: to accomplish homesteading and home oriented goals, to dedicate my efforts to Christ, to be a great parent and try and grow and make as much food as I possibly can, eliminating artificial, pre packaged and ‘junk’ food from our diets. I am gardening avidly, documenting nature through photography and attempting to learn the lost skills of homemaking.

But, this position is providing me the opportunity to have an extremely flexible schedule, work from home and spend all the time with the kids I want to, while also providing our family with much needed income and me with much needed responsibilities “outside” the home.

So, I hope that makes sense.

May God bless you and direct you on your own paths!

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