Update and GARDEN TIME!!!

A quick update on working. I have not lost my inspiration, but, the newspaper I was working for has yet to fill my position and well, the paper was looking really THIN. I offered that I would freelance for them for a while. It is much better because I can pick and choose as I wish and I could even go away on vacation in the summer and not think twice about it. I won’t have deadlines hanging over my head, etc.
So, what does this say about staying at home? I think it is temporary and it also has not changed the things that really matter, like me being at home at night and being able to help with homework, etc. It seems like it might work. I think my thoughts about this for now is that I don’t care about any job more than I care about being at home and really never want to! So – that has not changed. Also, I have been facing some difficult health challenges since I quit my job. I feel optimistic and feel that God definitely has a plan – but I feel working a little will help me take my mind off if it.
Well, even Caroline Ingalls worked in the restuarant eventually right? 🙂
We had 2 days in the 60’s last week and all of a sudden I got my garden-on!
I went outside while the boys played and enjoyed the smell of fresh earth as if it was waking up from a long nap. I ripped out all of the dead sunflower stalks and Jerusalem artichoke stalks and raked, and straightened and lifted and staked. I think it’s very spiritual — getting a garden started, I mean.
We all start our spiritual lives hoping for the best – trouble always comes and it’s then we need most to depend on God. In a garden, you plant those weak little seedlings and hope for the best – you surround them with cups, cover them in cold, water and feed them.  But the late frost and the hot winds of August come – and you wonder if anything will make it at all.  But, lo and behold, there comes a day when you see the beautiful yellow pumpkin flower beginning to grow a fruit, or the tomato plant with little green orbs, or the potato plants sprouting above the earth. Oh so satisfying!
WIth hard work, prayer and patience, you will bear fruit.  With your marriage, your children, your dreams.  I pray both your own life and your gardening life will be FRUITFUL! I will be posting alot about the spiritual parallels between our walk with God and our gardens.
I have posted a photo of the garden plot in early March before it was completely thawed and one after I cleaned it up…more to come and God bless!

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