Days of Quiet…days of trust

Week three of staying home. Time seems to be going by slower now.  I am in a quiet time it seems – a time of purposeful living.
Some of you have asked how it is going staying home.  I wanted you to know that I feel less stressed, more able to focus on my boys and I am going after some personal goals which are bringing me a lot of fulfillment.
I am trying to make daily time for God – whether it be in prayer, journaling, writing, singing.  A girlfriend of mine and I are starting a mom’s bible discussion group here in our home town.  We would like to get mom’s together to read and discuss God’s word – to bring joy and perspective into our lives and bring people closer to Him. 
I have been reading a book called “She’s Gonna Blow” by Julian Ann Barnhill.  It’s about moms and anger. I struggle with losing my temper alot – it goes along with my general type A temperament and my habit to put my expectations too high sometimes.  Anger is also something I grew up with – and through this book and prayer I think I am beginning to identify where it comes from in my heart and work on healing too. 
I have been couponing more and seeing the results  from frugal shopping AND I threw away like 4 bags of trash this weekend from various corners of our home!  That felt goooood! We are already feeling the pinch of losing my (very) modest income – even that few hundreds of dollars I was bringing in made a difference.  We were carrying a little over 300$ in debt in our budget and never flushing it out.  We had planned on using our income tax refund to clean it out and therefore bring out budget up to snuff when we had an unexpected 600$ car repair.  OUCH!  We will have to wait another month to get that back in shape. In the meantime we are praying not to let anxiety about money irritate and bother us. I KNOW that others out there can relate to this type of situation. I think that is a great example of what me staying at home is going to challenge us in: trust in God, patience, discipline and wise choices.  Man, this is so grown up, isn’t it??
So, we are trying to not spend money and do lots of at-home activities..the above picture is our annual trip to Magic Wings in Mass.
Pretty cheap and sooo worth it to be in a 80 degree bubble!
You know what?  We have a beautiful 45 degree day yesterday – LOTS of melting happened – and the next 4 days are supposed to be the same.  Boy that felt good!  I hope it’s melting where you are too.

One thought on “Days of Quiet…days of trust

  1. I'm glad things are going well as you start this new chapter of your life! I think many of us (I'm speaking to myself here!)could use a few lessons in slowing down, doing less, and spending less!


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