6 snow days later…

Wow. We have had six snow days and a variety of early releases and late starts to school. It has been a little disconcerting to the closet-scheduler in my soul. I have had good snows days with the kids and bad ones too – like yesterday when I was coming down with a cold and felt awful all day.
But, my first week as a stay at home mom is almost over and I need to reflect.
I have begun to read the 23 books I want to get through this year -actually 23, not a random number. I read a chapter of “She’s Gonna Blow” by Julie Barnhill and a chapter of “Raising Awesome Kids in Troubled Times,” by the Laings. I have also started to make some plans for a monthly bible study for moms that a girlfriend and I want to begin here in our town.
But the week has been slow and I have quickly seen how I could just get sucked into the routine and lose sight of my goals and dreams. You know what I mean? I have gotten so tied down with details like dishes, cleaning, and where I need to be when I need to be – I lost sight of WHY I am staying home. In that, I need to remember why I am staying home (my kids) and make sure I spend time with them as well as connect with them emotionally.
Isn’t it amazing how we can go all day and not really connect?
I have been trying to connect with God too – through journaling my prayers – I do that because it’s the only way I can stay true to one line of thought without getting distracted. I know if I don’t connect with Him, I cannot give to others.
So, I have not heard of any snow coming soon. I could use a break, as I am sure you could too.
Keep true to your dreams….

One thought on “6 snow days later…

  1. Hi there! I decided to check out your blog as you make this big change in your life! Great start 🙂 I wish I had some tips for you…especially on budgeting and all of that. I NEED them, too. I am not officially a SAHM, but I'd say I probably work about 4-5 hours a week at the most, and usually when the kids are at school, so I'm close. I look forward to checking your blog out more in the future. I have a blog too if you are ever interested: http://openupandletgo.blogspot.com/
    Maybe I'll see you around town soon! 🙂 Deb


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