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Giving notice….

I gave notice that I was quitting on Friday! It was an exciting day and I felt great afterwards. Two weeks and I will be home full time. I already feel a load lifted off of my back.

Last week my son was a little sick…a fever. I felt great staying home with him and helping him to feel better. No more conflicts in my mind about should I send him in to preschool – should I go to work – should I call my husband – who would want to babysit him with a fever?

Simple. Clear cut. For me…a huge relief.

The future definitely seems to opening up and I have been praying that God will show me what steps to take next. I am tempted to just go ahead with all ‘my’ plans, but I know I want to put them at his feet first and see what he says of course.

I am thinking about organizing and there is a habit I have been using for about a year now. I call it my “command central” and it’s a little area on my basement door that have the monthly calendar, and a pocket for each of the children for school stuff. I have attached a photo.

I am also thinking about money. I don’t like to think about money very much – it stresses me out – but I do want to be aware of the needs vs. the wants. I was thinking about making some of the snacks my son takes to school instead of buying so many pre packaged ones. Perhaps a homemade cheese cracker, choc. chip cookies… what do other people do out there? Please let me know, I would appreciate it!

And….off we go!

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