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Moving along…

Happy New Year! The big blizzard came through a few days ago…Brrrr.
Well first of all I want to say thank you to those of you who are following this blog and for the encouraging comments. It is very helpful and appreciated!
In recent weeks, I have been discussing the issue of staying home with a few friends and my family, and I am pleased to say, just talking about it has been of great help. A talk especially with my parents put me on the right path and provided me with the hope of staying home that had been eluding me for months. Being a spiritual person, I feel God has a plan for my life and that every decision I make (especially big ones) I want to seek much advice and counsel.
No, I have not won the lottery, but due to some budgeting and cash flow changes, the chances are better than they even were a few weeks ago that at some point in the near future, I can choose to stay home.
Other than that, I have been organizing! Cleaing out closets, labeling, organizing my pantry, looking at recipes, etc. Laying the foundation you might say…
Moms…tell me about your household budgets! I would love to know how you keep track of your expenses. We have a budget we printed out after taking the Dave Ramsey course which we really thought was useful. Do you use envelopes? Do you find there is a temptation to spend more money when you are home with the kids? If so, why?
May the first week of January be filled with promise for you all!

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