stay home or not?

Choose to stay at home or not?

Yeah, I am pretty nervous. Can we do it? Can I stay home and not bring in a salary of some type?
You may think I am crazy. I kind of think I am too.
It is somewhat familiar territory. I did stay at home with my boys for about 4.5 years when they were first born, but to be honest, I didn’t realize how much in debt we had gotten. Then I started freelancing and then working on a part time basis for a local newspaper and let’s just say we ‘got used’ to having that money at our disposal pretty fast.
So, how did I reach this point again? Where I want to completely end working?
The job I do can be pretty stressful. It’s part time but bleeds into every day. I am always working towards a deadline and my family can tell you, the closer I am to deadline the more stressed out and cranky I am. But there’s something else.
I long to be focused on my home, period. And I also know myself…I can’t do anything half way.
I recently asked a bunch of girlfriends about the stay at home issue (via Facebook) and one of the responses I got back really stuck with me. She said: “I have done it all, worked FT, not worked and worked PT and the one that is the hardest is working PT and still wanting to be a FT stay at home mom.”
That is where I have been…for months and months. And – with the new year approaching, I finally had to deal with it.
My husband and I have had some talks…some more heated than others…and he came home with a budget framework that showed how I could – eventually – quit my job. Just to see it on paper was really great. To get his support – even better. He is a great guy.
Will I quit my job tomorrow? No.
Will it make all the financial troubles go away? No.
Will it be easy? No.
I just know in my heart of hearts…it’s my desire.
Here’s what you can expect from this blog.
I am not on a soap box preaching it to you, but I will tell you how we try to make it happen, the successes, motivations and even the failures (though I will try to limit those).
I will let you know how my family responds.
I will always take ideas and encouragements from anyone who reads this blog.
And this in only my journey…I know that everyone’s will be different.

Anyway….stick around…..I hope to have good things to report. God Bless, Jenny

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